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Bugs, Patches and Requested Features can be submitted via the Sourceforge tracker system. Please read through the sections below.

Bug reporting

Click on Submit Bug to submit a bug against one of the subprojects.

It is important that you assign the bug to the correct subproject. This is done by selecting the appropriate Category from the category tab. Before submitting a bug report, you might check if the bug you encountered hasn't been reported already by looking at the open bug reports page.

Please, before reporting a bug, try out the latest version of the software.


This tracker is a collection of up to date patches (patches that apply cleanly against the latest version of Pd. The latest version can either be found as a downloadable file on Miller Puckettes site or in the HEAD branch of the CVS.

The main purpose of the patches tracker is to make it easier to incorporate new features and bug fixes into the Pd core. Including new stuff may take some time, and the inclusion of some features might not get accepted. The final decision if your patch gets accepted is in the hands of Miller. If you think your patch has been forgotten, please communicate it on the pd developers list or to Miller directly.

If your patch is a bug fix, please choose the group "bugfix" in order to mark it clearly.

All patches need to have a detailed description. This can later be used to decide if the patch can go into the main Pd distribution or not, and should also minimize the work that has to be done in order to adapt new ideas. Click to Submit a patch.

If you submit a patch, take care that you only send the parts that have to be changed. Formatting changes and changes in whitespace will only make the patch less readable. Send the patch in unified diff format.

e.g. from a CVS directory:

cvs diff -uBw > cool_feature.patch
The patches collection might also be useful for users, as it makes it possible to get the freshest bugfixes and new features that didn't make it into the main distribution yet. Check out the patches.

Feature Requests

There is also a tracker for feature requests. A feature request can be sent if you are missing a functionality, but you don't know how to code it. This could be an additional external or functionality of the Pd core.

Click Add Feature Request to add a new feature request.
Take a look at the feature requests" that are already registered.

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