Pure Data External Repository


The Pure Data external repository is meant to be a place where developers of externals for the Pure Data computer music system can put their code. For information about PD, look at the Pure Data website.

PD has a huge user base and we all enjoy working with PD. A lot of externals are being written and published on the web. As a consequence, it has become increasingly hard to have an overview of all the externals. A central code repository will offer this, as well as many other advantages. It will be easier to manage the code, update orphaned externals, distribute compiled versions for different systems, avoid duplication of effort, collaborate on improving the same external, and finally the users have the advantage of being able to download it from one single place.

I could go on listing the advantages, but there is one big disadvantage. We have to work on it in order to make it a success. We have to learn CVS and we have to import our projects into the repository. I think it is worth this work, because you gain a lot too. If you donīt have the time to get into this, but still agree that your external becomes part of the repository, just send an email with the information how to download your code.

A lot of the externals here are currently GPL'd, but the only requirement we have is, that your code has an Open Source license.

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