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Projects at the Pure Data Ext. Repository

The following projects already have put their sources inside the Pure Data External Repository:

	|-- OSCx
	|-- aenv~
	|-- ann
	|-- arraysize
	|-- chaos
	|-- creb
	|-- cxc
	|-- debian
	|-- ext13
	|-- footils
	|-- ggee
	|-- grill
	|   |-- deljoin  
	|   |-- delsplit  
	|   |-- flext
	|   |-- pguitest  
	|   |-- idelay  
	|   |-- namedobjs 
	|   |-- pool
	|   |-- prepend
	|   |-- py
	|   |-- vasp 
	|   `-- xsample
	|-- maxlib
	|-- pdogg
	|-- plugin~
	|-- rhythm_estimator
	|-- sprinkler
	|-- susloop~
	|-- svf~
	|-- vbap
	|-- vst
	|-- zexy
	`-- zhzxh~

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Missing externals

There are externals missing, I know. Please mail your descriptions to fbar@footils.org. Thank you for your attention.


OSC, OpenSoundControl for pd
by jdl at xdv.org


aenv~: asymptotic ADSR envelope generator; The output value approaches the target values as asymptotes.
(c) Ben Saylor


/* ...this is an externals for comouting Aritficial Neural Networks...
thikn aboiut this



arraysize -- report the size of an array


"Chaos PD Externals" a set of objects for PD which calculate various "Chaotic Attractors"; including, Lorenz, Rossler, Henon and Ikeda. Hopefully more will be on their way.
Copyright Ben Bogart 2002


This is a collection of pd externals. No fancy stuff, just my personal bag of (ahem) tricks...
(c)Tom Schouten


cxc pd eternals library
powered by zt0ln d4ta
many useful externals.


From the README.Debian:
<possible notes regarding this package - if none, delete this file> ;)

Debian users can check out all externals and build a Debian package of most in one command.


this ist ext13, another highly useful collection of externals for pd


externals for classic synthesis techniques like fm, granular, soundfont, ...
flext-iiwu | rx7 | shabby | syncgrain


Your host's Guenther Geiger's ggee externals collection. They serve different purposes, ranging from objects for building a simple User interface for pd patches, to objects interfacing Perry Cooks STK, streaming audio over the LAN, Filter implementations and other.


Various externals, libraries and development tools by Thomas Grill (xovo@gmx.net). Synched to www.parasitaere-kapazitaeten.net/ext. Please see the following descriptions:


join a list with delimiter


split a delimited list-in-a-symbol


flext - C++ layer for Max/MSP and pd (pure data) externals
This package seeks to encourage the development of open source software for the pd and Max/MSP platforms.


Experimental wrapper for writing GUI externals.


Interpolating delay line


retrieve named objects in a patcher


pool - a hierarchical storage object for PD and Max/MSP


prepend - just like in MaxMSP


py/pyext - python script objects for PD (and MaxMSP... once, under MacOSX and Windows)


VASP modular - vector assembling signal processor


VASP is a package for PD or MaxMSP consisting of a number of externals extending these systems with functions for non-realtime array-based audio data processing. VASP is capable of working in the background, therefore not influencing eventual dsp signal processing.


xsample - extended sample objects for Max/MSP and pd (pure data)


maxlib - music analysis extensions library

The objects can be very useful to analyse any musical performance. Some of the objects are 'borrowed' from Max (they are not ported but rewritten for Pd - cheap immitations). maxib has recently been extended by objects of more general use and some which can be use for composition purposes. See http://www.akustische-kunst.org/puredata/maxlib/
(c) 2002 by Olaf Matthes


Superior open source audio compression with OGG Vorbis has come to Pd.
(c) 2002 by Olaf Matthes


LADSPA and VST plug-in hosting for Pd

This is a Pd tilde object for hosting LADSPA and VST audio plug-ins on Linux and Windows systems, respectively. The LADSPA plug-in interface is supported completely on Linux, while the VST 1.0 audio processing plug-in interface (without plug-in graphics) is supported on Windows.
Jarno Seppänen, jams@cs.tut.fi


This is a collection of Pd objects for doing rhythm (quantum) estimation.
Jarno Seppänen jams@cs.tut.fi and Piotr Majdak p.majdak@bigfoot.com


'sprinkler' objects do dynamic control-message dissemination.
Given a list as input, a 'sprinkler' object interprets the initial list element as the name of a 'receive' object, and [send]s the rest of the list to that object.
Bryan Jurish <moocow@ling.uni-potsdam.de>


sample player with various loop methods (ping-pong, ... ) think tracker.


This is a signal-controlled port of Steve Harris' state variable filter LADSPA plugin
By Ben Saylor, http://www.macalester.edu/~bsaylor


Vector Based Amplitude Panning. Use, if you need to control sound locations in space.


VST 2.0 support external. It supports the "string" interface for parameters as well as providing access to the graphical interface supplied by the plugin's creator. VSTi's can have midi information supplied to them and export automation data. All in all it provides a very flexable mechanism to use VST plugins outside of the Cubase environment. This download is the compiled external DLL and PDF help file.


the zexy external

the zexy external is a collection of externals. Including matrix operations.


by Ben Saylor http://www.macalester.edu/~bsaylor Turns the input signal into a staticky, distorted mess. Comes with tone control.

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